Krea Spring School Outdoor Adventure Day

Last week at Krea Sping School, our multicultural student teams took a tour around Helsinki to get to know Finnish culture. Ice hockey, boot throwing, Mölkky and sauna were all part of this great outdoor adventure day.

Krea Spring School Teams at Large around Helsinki

The Krea Spring School Outdoor Adventure started with eight international student teams heading off from Pasila to Senaatintori. A grand adventure was waiting for our amazing group of students representing 11 different nationalities.

Because ice hockey is a Finnish national obsession, we wanted to show our international Spring School students just how many teams there are in the Finnish Ice Hockey League. As their first assignment, the students had to ask local passers-by which ice hockey team belongs to which Finnish city. Finns around Senaatintori were most helpful – and all our teams got their right answers eventually!

Krea Olympics

After Senaatintori, the teams headed to Market Square for their next assignment. The task was to interview Finns about their odd market square gatherings in times of international highlights and victories.The students were also busy taking pictures of their outdoor adventure. You can enjoy some outstanding group photos behind this link!

From Market Square the journey continued to Suomenlinna Sea Fortress. Here our teams participated in Krea Olympics. The games included Mölkky, Wife Carrying (Eukonkanto) and Boot Throwing (Saappaanheitto).The teams competed against each other to the bitter end in these vicious sports. Luckily the sun was shining warmly upon us, which made the battle seem less ruthless.

After the Olympics, it was time to visit marketing agency hasan & partners to enjoy a presentation about storytelling. After the busy afternoon, we were happy to sit back in our comfortable seats in the auditorium and admire the inspiring case examples provided by hasan & partners.


Finnish sauna experience

The grand finale of the Krea Spring School Outdoor Adventure Day took place in Ruoholahti, where we had a sauna and a conference lounge reserved for the occasion. The evening started off with some Finnish delicacies and traditional food. Later on in the evening, the winners of the Outdoor Adventure were rewarded with ample presents. Our international guests were also introduced to the Finnish sauna culture. All in all, everybody had a blast and the day was a huge success!

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How much fun is Krea Spring School?

“Adventure where everybody really bonded together.”

“Relaxed and open-minded atmosphere”


According to last year’s participants, Krea Spring School 2016 offered a good mixture of lectures and hands-on experience in addition to inviting everyone to explore Helsinki and the Finnish culture. The participants especially appreciated the creative style of learning and the inspiring atmosphere.

For most students, the absolute highlight of the week was the outdoor adventure day due to the eccentric and engaging activities. Students also enjoyed the workshops, creative processes, storytelling experience, visualization and a trip to a marketing agency. All in all, the week was a success!

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