Working together for Krea Spring School!

We are “Krea’s Angels”, a team of international students of Haaga-Helia University. Our mission is to organize and promote Krea Spring School 2018, which is a great opportunity to get inspired, connect with fellow students from all over the world and create your own story!

What is Krea Spring School?

Krea Spring School involves a week of thrilling international experiences and inspiring workshops on storytelling. In addition, you will get to explore Finland’s lovely capital city!

Why is it so special to be part of Creative Agency Krea?

Being a Krea member is being part of one big international team. We are all working together on the same goal. Therefore Krea feels like one big family.

Keep reading to get to know the angelic part of that family!

Viorne krea spring school

“I am studying International Hospitality Management with the focus on Human Resources. My hobbies are travelling and meeting new people and cultures, reading good books and hanging out with my friends. My personal mottos are: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. “Don’t take life too seriously, nobody gets out alive anyway”.
Viorne, 24, Netherlands



Marlene krea spring school“I study International Business in Germany. I love adventurous travels all over the world! What I love most about travelling are the unforgettable experiences I gain from it. It is the way to learn about myself and what matters in life. It offers me new perspectives. I am thrilled about my time ahead in Finland and curious for what is yet to come.”
Marlene, 22, Germany

Riina krea spring schoolI am an event producer, blogger and mum from Helsinki. In my business studies I am focusing on marketing and communications. I appreciate people who are following their dreams and I want to inspire everyone to do so. I also love to travel and I have been working as a travel guide and a flight attendant.”
Riina, 29, Finland

Chiara krea spring school“I study Production Management in Germany. One of my big passions is travelling around the world, meeting new people and getting to know new cultures. Therefore I am enjoying my exchange semester at the Haaga-Helia University in Helsinki a lot.”
Chiara, 22, Germany

What does Krea Spring School mean for us?

Krea Spring school will definitely be one of our highlights of this semester. We are looking forward to meeting you during the outdoor adventure and having a fun time together.

Let us Kreate unforgettable memories!

What is our message for you?

Join us at Krea Spring School and make your spring a special one!



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