Inspirational Storytelling at Krea Spring School!

We make students and entrepreneurs digital storytellers for sustainable change

Haaga-Helia communication and marketing students’ Creative Agency Krea welcomes you to take part in inspirational storytelling at Krea Spring School annually in mid-May! We train you in:

  • creativity
  • multicultural teamwork
  • sustainable customer experience
  • sustainability marketing
  • digital storytelling
  • coaching-based autonomous learning


Krea Spring School offers you an intensive international week where students, entrepreneurs, branding professionals and university experts from all over the world come together for co-creation workshops in Helsinki. We give you the tools you need to blossom into a creative wizard in digital storytelling that fosters sustainable living and consumption. Read stories about Krea Spring School and Creative Agency Krea in English!

Multicultural Teamwork

You will become part of a fun, creative, and multicultural bunch of students from Haaga-Helia and our partner universities abroad. You will be sharing skills and knowledge in teams, solving sustainability marketing challenges together, and supporting each other at various stages of the creative process. Watch our Krea Spring School 2018 aftermovie!

Customer Experience

You will work for a client organization and learn how to research and develop sustainable customer experience. Based on customer insight, you will script and produce digital marketing stories breathing new life into the customer perspective and highlighting customer experience from an inspirational angle. Our international team of coaches will help you to get the most out of your creative potential. Read more on how Krea Spring School teams experienced the Helsinki City Bike Service.

Sustainability Marketing

We will make use of our strategic network of leading marketing agencies in Finland to get professional support for our storytelling projects. You will learn to produce attractive story content that inspires international audiences to engage in sustainable consumption and lifestyles.

Digital Storytelling

At Krea Spring School, you get to develop hands-on experience in sustainability marketing and digital storytelling in an exciting and creative learning environment. You will craft an inspirational customer experience story for a client company as part of a multicultural and multidisciplinary team of students. Watch a Krea Spring School animated video.

Coaching-based Autonomous Learning and Collaborative Digital Storytelling

Learning in Krea Spring School is based on self-directed reflection and knowledge-seeking, fearless hands-on experimentation, and peer-to-peer learning in teams, making use of coaching-based support along the way. Read more about Creative Agency Krea Erasmus+ projects on coaching-based autonomous learning and collaborative digital storytelling.

Join us for Krea Spring School – we would love to engage in customer experience storytelling with you!

Want to enroll for Krea Spring School? Get in touch!

Tanja Vesala-Varttala, PhD
Principal Lecturer in Communication and Marketing
Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences

+358 50 3100 715

Creative Agency Krea

Haaga-Helia students and coaches of Communication and Marketing run their own Creative Agency Krea. Our Krea community enables students to gain hands-on experience in branding and media planning through client company projects and in collaboration with players in the creative industries and international partner universities.

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