Experience Helsinki with Tips from Exchange Students

Experience Helsinki with Tips from Exchange Students

Hi there! We are a team of exchange students from Haaga-Helia in charge of organizing the Krea Spring School international week on 13-17 May. We are here to guide you Krea Spring School participants through the most exciting week of your life, offering you insights about what to do in Helsinki and its surroundings.

Get your ticket and roam around Helsinki

Helsinki’s public transport is easy to use and takes you to any place by train, tram, metro or bus. Download the HSL app to find routes and buy tickets. You can also go to a “R-kioski” at almost every train station to buy the most suitable travel card for you. Your travel card will also take you to the historic Suomenlinna Fortress by ferry.

There are HSL ticket machines at the stations.

Get in touch with the purest Finnish nature

The Nuuksio National Park is reachable in less than one hour by bus and train. From Finland’s busy capital city, you can easily escape into the wilderness of the National Park. There you can discover huge green forests and several lakes of all sizes. Bring some food and enjoy a BBQ at one of the public fireplaces. Don’t worry about getting lost in the woods: the hiking routes are well-marked and you have various paths to choose from.

There are many ways to get to the Nuuksio National Park. Here are two examples:

Route A:

  • Take the train E, U, L or X to Espoo Centre (Espoon keskus) from Helsinki railway station
  • Then take the bus 245(A) to the national park. Get off at Kattila in Nuuksio.
  • You have now arrived at the heart of the wilderness.

Route B:

  • Take the train A, E, U or Y to Leppävaara from Helsinki railway station
  • Then take the bus 238 (in the direction of Siikaniemi)
  • Get off at the bus station Kolmoislammentie
  • Welcome to the Nuuksio National Park (in the middle of nowhere)!

We hope you’ll enjoy your trip to Nuuksio! You can get a taste of the park by enjoying the article picture at the beginning of this blog post.

Adventurous Helsinki: experiences for everyone

Helsinki is a great city to explore the adventurous side of yourself. Helsinki’s nightlife is one of the best in Europe. If you want to enjoy a party, club Maxine is the best. Every week there are theme parties. Enjoy your night with a view over the city while the DJ is playing the coolest music for a night out.

If you’re free on a Thursday night and you would like to experience how the students in Helsinki spend their night, you should go to Heidi’s beer bar. Every Thursday night, there’s a beerpong tournament where you can beat your fellow students.

If you want to go out to chill or just enjoy a coffee, the Ateljee bar is the best place. It offers you a great view of the city centre. Sit back and watch the sunset. In addition, trying the traditional salmon soup is a must. The best place to try it is at the Old Market Hall.

And finally, Finns enjoy spending lots of time at the sauna. Act like the locals and go to Allas Sea Pool. It’s located next to the skywheel and has one of the best saunas Helsinki has to offer!

We are exchange students at Haaga-Helia and waiting for you to join us in May!


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