Krea Spring School – Spotlight on Multicultural Customer Experience

Krea Spring School – Spotlight on Multicultural Customer Experience

Haaga-Helia marketing students’ Creative Agency Krea organized its annual international week Krea Spring School again in May 2019. The event brought together six multicultural student teams to make creative use of their customer experience as young international tourists in Helsinki. Our company client this year was Pizzeria Via Tribunali, for whom we offered customer insight and inspirational customer experience videos.

The student teams started the week by analyzing their overall customer experience as young tourists looking to make the most of their stay in Helsinki. On Monday 13 May, we were presented the branding challenge and on Friday 17 May, we shared our videos and the results of the customer experience analyses with Via Tribunali entrepreneurs Sami Benamed and Antti Kuitunen.

Customers Involved in Developing Customer Experience and Brand Storytelling

We focused on our needs and expectations concerning places to eat in a foreign city and, in particular, on our customer experience at Pizzeria Via Tribunali. Young international tourists and city-dwellers, like ourselves, are an important customer group for Via Tribunali, which is situated right at the city centre, next to Helsinki’s main tourist attractions.

In their promotional video stories, all our teams ended up highlighting the easy-going and friendly atmosphere of Via Tribunali. The place was seen as amicable and homely: a sociable haven at the heart of the urban Helsinki experience. Watch our customer experience videos here:

According to their customer experience analyses, the student teams expected the fascinating history of Neapolitan pizza to really shine through in the entire customer experience of Via Tribunali. We wanted everything from the brand story to every little detail in the interior design to contribute to a unique and unified Helsinki-Naples restaurant experience. Together with the company representatives, we also discussed ways to enhance Via Tribunali’s customer dialogue and feedback system.

Krea Spring School as a Co-Creation Environment

At Krea Spring School, students and entrepreneurs work together to develop the Helsinki travel experience. The purpose of Krea Spring School workshops is to offer a multicultural, collaborative, fun, and agile environment where the local and global perspectives of citizens, customers, service providers, students, branding professionals and university experts come together.

As Krea Spring School students, we take an active, hands-on and customer-centered, role in producing research results and digital branding materials for service providers. By planning and producing video stories about the city and its services, we get to develop our creative and digital knowhow. The videos highlight attractive customer experiences that we are ready to share with our friends on social media. This way, the video stories help service providers make their services and solutions known to potential new customers.

Coaches specialized in digital marketing and international branding support us in our customer research, storytelling, and video making. This year, our coaches included two Creative Agency Krea alumni students: Creative Director Heidi Taina (TBWA\Helsinki) and Video Marketing Entrepreneur Thomas Halloran (Ikimedia). Our university coaches were international branding and communications experts from seven European universities.

Multicultural Team Building with the Finnish Mölkky Game

To boost the multicultural spirit of the Krea Spring School teams, an international group of Creative Agency Krea students organized an Amazing Race type of Outdoor Adventure that provided us with quite a unique Helsinki Experience. During the adventure, we not only got to know our team members better but were also introduced to some inspiring aspects of the Finnish culture.

By far the most successful means of multicultural team building turned out to be playing the traditional Finnish “Mölkky” game (resembling bowling or skittles) on the sunny lawns of the Suomenlinna island. The game had a magical effect on both its players and the audience across cultures: all were mesmerized by the throwing competition, cheering loudly, feeling actively involved, and having fun.

Altogether, Krea Spring School 2019 involved an international group of more than 60 students and coaches, participating either in the customer experience project or in organizing the week and its creative programme. The participants came from the universities of Haaga-Helia (Finland), Avans (the Netherlands), Thomas More (Belgium), Karel de Grote (Belgium), Budapest Business School (Hungary), Howest (Belgium), and OTH Amberg-Weiden (Germany). Next Krea Spring School takes place on 25 – 29 May 2020, and for this we are looking to double the number of our European university partners! Learn more about Krea Spring School and join us in Helsinki next spring!

Krea Spring School multicultural teams at Haaga-Helia
Krea Spring School Multicultural Teams: “This is what you come for!”
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