Krea Spring School Recommends: 6 Ways to Experience Helsinki by Night

Krea Spring School Recommends: 6 Ways to Experience Helsinki by Night

Dear Krea Spring School participants: you have a busy week ahead on 13-17 May with plenty of hands-on branding and video-making challenges. Here are some tips on how to charge your batteries and boost your creativity.

Experience Helsinki’s Multicultural Kitchen

By evening, you’ll probably be starving! In addition to our Krea Spring School client Via Tribunali, here are some excellent suggestions for inspirational places to eat. Most of these places are located in the Helsinki Bohemian district of Kallio.

Döner Harju

Opened in 2012, Döner Harju offers the best döner in town, and most probably the best in Finland! In the skewers, they always offer lamb and seitan. On Tuesdays, you also get pork and on most week days, spicy chicken as well. The plate size is quite big and will surely satisfy your hunger. The place may be packed, but the service is fast and the atmosphere is relaxed and lively.

We recommend: One plate serving with a craft beer

The place suits vegetarians and vegans too!

Fleminginkatu 23
00500 Helsinki
045 180 5868

Shopping center Citycenter
Kaivokatu 8, 2nd floor
00100 Helsinki


Sandro offers a combination of flavors from the MENA (Middle-East and North Africa) region, from falafels to lamb and burgers. The place has a warm and welcoming atmosphere and offers great service. At Sandro, you can enjoy classics such as hummus and eggplants. In the weekends, Sandro offers an amazing brunch.

We recommend: Ginger Lemon Veef and Moroccan Chicken Tangine paired with a glass of good wine

Vegan and vegetarian options available!

Kolmas Linja 17
00530 Helsinki

Shopping Center Kamppi, 5th floor
Urho Kekkosenkatu 1
00100 Helsinki 

Enjoy Helsinki’s Bohemian Bar Culture in the Kallio District

After the intensive Krea Spring School workshops and video-making sessions, one might get a little bit thirsty. We recommend that you take the tram 7 or 9 from the Pasila Campus and try out these places to relax and boost your creativity:

Bar Tappen

Bar Tappen is a cozy beer and wine bar in the student-friendly quarters of Kallio. It opened its doors in 2017 and almost instantly gained a loyal set of regulars. It has an intimate ‘living room’ type of atmosphere with dim lightning and homey furniture.

Tappen is open from 4 pm to 5 am, but on weekends we recommend that you show up before 8 pm because the place fills up fast. Tappen offers their own lager from tap and a selection of beers from various micro breweries.

Bar Tappen
Kustaankatu 7
00500 Helsinki 


Pub Sirdie

Pub Sirdie is possibly one of the most famous and iconic bars in Kallio and in the whole of Helsinki. Sirdie first opened its doors in 1966 and the place hasn’t really changed since. The atmosphere is nostalgic with its almost time-travel sort of experience of the working class flair of Kallio from the 60s and 70s.
Kolmas linja 21
00530 Helsinki

Feel the Helsinki Vibe and Rhythm

If the Krea Spring School Customer Experience project does not eat up all your energy, there are plenty of underground night clubs to visit in Helsinki to dance your stress away and charge your batteries.

Club Ääniwalli

Genre: Techno, House (Special events: Hip Hop)

This is one of the best Techno clubs in Finland. Every two weeks, they have famous DJs from all over the world. There is a skate park inside the club. This club, located in the Vallila region (next to Kallio), is an exclusive and vibrant venue that really stands out in the nightlife scene of Helsinki.
Pälkäneentie 13
00510 Helsinki

Club Kuudes Linja

Genre: Mainly Hip Hop Techno

This amazing venue offers a wide variety of events with different types of music and regular guest artists from abroad. There is a huge terrace with a cozy bed, where you can chill, look at the stars and take a refreshing break from the dance floor. If you get tired of the DJ at Kuudes Linja, you can access the neighboring club Kaiku through their joint terrace.

On Friday 17 May, Kuudes Linja offers a night dedicated to the music of A$AP Rocky. The DJs of the evening are HOODWATCH and DOSE, a DJ duo that is on a high rise! The third DJ is a well-known artist Djangomayn.

Hämeentie 13
00530 Helsinki
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