Krea Spring School Mystery Eaters at Pizzeria Via Tribunali

Krea Spring School Mystery Eaters at Pizzeria Via Tribunali

It was Monday, 4 February 2019. We were hungry and looking for a pleasant restaurant in Helsinki. Four girls, five nationalities: Mexico, France, Switzerland, Romania and the Netherlands. We all shared one big passion: the love for Italian food. We decided to try out Pizzeria Via Tribunali as the reviews on Google were mostly very good: 4.4 out of 5 stars.

We found out that “Via Tribunali” is the name of a street in Naples, which is considered to have the best pizzerias in the world. Pizzeria Via Tribunali in Helsinki holds the first Napoli pizza certificate in Finland. So, we had high expectations of real Italian pizzas as we entered the restaurant.

As it happens, Pizzeria Via Tribunali is also the client company for Krea Spring School 2019 – and we are part of the international student group organizing the international week.

Pizzas straight outta’ Napoli

Our expectations became a reality! We ordered four different pizzas, so we could get a comprehensive impression of the quality: “Con Salame”, “Marinara”, “Quattro Formaggi” and “Margherita”. All pizzas tasted so delicious there was not a crumb left on our plates when we finished. The crust was nice and crispy. The middle of the pizza was a little bit moist, which we loved!

Pizzeria Via Tribunali

There are 12 different pizzas on the menu. The prices range from €12,50 to €18,50. You can also choose two different starters, and if you seek something sweet after the delicious pizza, there are also four different desserts.

Not only was the food a success, but so was the service. When we entered, a nice lady helped us to our seats. After we were seated, we observed that all the employees had t-shirts that said “Straight outta Napoli”. After a short wait, a really friendly and welcoming waiter showed up. He patiently waited for us to decide what we wanted. He made small talk and seemed genuinely interested in our stories.

We learned that he was an Italian from Sicily. He was really joyful and lively and helped to give the place an authentic Italian vibe. After we placed our order he poured us water, surprisingly for us, it was free. Although the waiter had other tables to attend to, he never failed to ask us if we needed anything. When we asked if he could bring us some chili sauce he also offered to bring us extras such as salt, olive oil with garlic, and oregano. We were delighted! We parted with a simple “Ciao” and a lasting memory of a beautiful experience.

Via Tribunali is lighthearted, cozy, and unhurried

Via Tribunali has a great location in the center of Helsinki. The pizzeria is on a little and peaceful street beautifully illuminated. The outside of the restaurant is eye-catching, as it has big windows with the logo “Via Tribunali” on them. Through the windows you can almost feel the warm and inviting atmosphere.

Via Tribunali atmosphere

The restaurant is easily accessible, the tram and metro stations are a few steps away. If you don’t feel like going back home right after dinner, no worries, you have plenty of other attractions to visit nearby. The pizzeria is next to the Cathedral of Helsinki at the Senate Square. Attached to the restaurant, there is a cinema where you can enjoy a good movie. Or you can simply take a walk around to discover the beautiful city of Helsinki.

The soft chatter of the other visitors and the nice background music made us all comfortable. The restaurant was spacious and full of light. All four of us liked the decorations and the design of the restaurant. The big mosaic oven and the open kitchen with its smiling staff were a heart-warming sight.

Overall, we were enchanted with Via Tribunali. We decided to rate this Italian restaurant with five stars out of five. But what will be your thoughts when you visit the place as part of the Krea Spring School programme? If you enrol for Krea Spring School 2019, you get a huge bonus: free pizza at this wonderful place!

Pizzeria Via Tribunali, Sofiankatu 4, Helsinki.

Enrol by 29 March to join us and learn about international branding, customer experience, videomaking, and multicultural teamwork!

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