Krea Spring School – A great way to push yourself to new limits

Krea Spring School – A great way to push yourself to new limits

Krea Spring School is an annually organized intensive international week. This year, a total of 55 students across the world gathered in Helsinki to combine business and pleasure. One of them was Jan Hoffman. We sat down with Jan, who shared the highlights of his experiences with us.

How did you experience Krea Spring School?

The week was really intensive and we worked long days. The entire gang was exhausted at the end of the week. However, Krea Spring School was a positive experience and absolutely worth the effort!

What did your Krea Spring School week include?

During the week, we had to produce an animated video that captured our team’s Krea experience. As I said, it was really intensive and hectic but somehow we made it in the end. We were also lucky to get to visit the advertising agency hasan & partners, where AD Ossi Honkanen gave us an inspirational lecture on the power of storytelling in marketing.

Check out the winning team’s animated video!

What did you find positive in Krea Spring School?

The most rewarding parts were all the new things I was able learn despite of the tight schedule. The shared feeling of success after managing to complete the given assignment was amazing! It was also great to do hands-on work from the ground up. Everybody in our team was forced to push themselves to their limits and go beyond their comfort zone. And we were able to pull it off by working as a team.

What challenges did you experience during the week?

Of course, the limited time slot for the assignment caused a lot of stress. The demanding subject of the assignment was a bit of a shock for everyone and we were all pulled out of our comfort zones. This was especially hard for those whose original fields of study did not directly touch base with the creative nature of the assignment. We were also forced to learn many new skills and tools on short notice.

To whom would you recommend Krea Spring School?

Krea Spring School is the natural fit for those people who are active and social by nature and who are not afraid to throw themselves in the ring. For those who are a bit more reserved in social situations or uncomfortable in tight spots, Krea Spring School is good environment to face those fears in a controlled and open atmosphere.

I’m really glad that I decided to participate in Krea Spring School and I can highly recommend it to anyone wanting to get more out of their studies!

To read more, check out Krea Spring School web page

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