Krea Spring School 2018: Creative Storytelling in Multicultural Teams

Krea Spring School 2018: Creative Storytelling in Multicultural Teams

Creative Agency Krea’s international week Krea Spring School was held on 14-18 May. We had six multicultural student teams planning and producing promotional videos for the yellow Helsinki city bikes. What did the students learn and how did they feel about the experience?

What did the Krea Spring School students expect to learn?

We interviewed the Krea Spring School participants during their Outdoor Adventure in Suomenlinna. When asked about their feelings about the international week, students mentioned that they found the visiting lecturers and their presentations highly interesting and very professional. They also felt that Krea Spring School was very well organised and that the overall event concept was a great possibility to gain new perspectives to storytelling in an inspirational and multicultural environment.

During the interviews, it soon became clear that the students had a wide range of expectations for the week. For example, some wanted to improve their English skills and others wanted to learn by doing. Many students also mentioned that they were expecting to learn new perspectives from the other participants from different countries.

Students also wanted to get to know their fellow participants and to make lifetime friendships. Some were eager to learn about storytelling and video making and to be able to have fun by being creative. Last but not least, students wanted the sunny and warm weather to continue until the end of the week.

Krea Spring School fulfilled expectations

On Friday it was time to present the results to our clients HSL, HOK-Elanto, and Clear Channel. The jury, consisting of client company representatives and Spring School professors, nominated the TOP 3 promotional videos. The jury also gave different teams special credits for the best video execution, the best slogan, the best pitch, the best innovation, the best final spurt, and the best sunglasses.

After the presentations, this is how the winning team summarized their feelings:

”The best thing about this week were all the great opportunities we had to get to know each other. We also learned a lot about how to be creative, how to edit videos, and how to work in a team. Working in a multicultural team was a little bit hard because we had different cultural backgrounds and some language barriers. But this way, we also learned so much. And the weather was great!”

It seems that Krea Spring School 2018 was a great success not only to client companies but also to participants. And when we asked if the participants would recommend Krea Spring School to fellow students, the whole group answered in a choir: WE WOULD!

The next Krea Spring School will be held on 13-17 May 2019 – and we will be BACK to tell you all about that here on our Krea blog! Stay tuned.

What did the clients anticipate?
What are Krea Spring School assignments? — Clear Channel reveals expectations!

Top 3 Helsinki City Bike videos:
Spring School 2018 winner video: Different Journey, Same Destination
Spring School 2018 second place: Be Like Tim
Spring School 2018 third place: (Re)Cycle the Planet

Spring School presentations for Clear Channel: Nelli Oinio’s review
Spring School 2018 winning team interview

More participants’ videos:
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Spring School 2018: 24 hours Helsinki
Spring School 2018: A New Way to Travel

The makings of Krea Spring School 2018:
This is Krea Spring School 2018

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