Krea Spring School is here – We want creative storytellers!

Krea Spring School is here – We want creative storytellers!

Krea Spring School is here again — and we want you to be there. We offer you an intensive international week where storytellers, content creators and graphic designers from all over the world come together for workshops and excursions in Helsinki. We give you the tools you need to blossom into a creative wizard!

What is Krea Spring School?

At Spring School, we provide you with the right tools and opportunities for creating inspirational customer experience stories. Our international team of coaches will train and motivate you to get the most out of your creative potential. Sign up here for Krea Spring School 2017!

How much fun is Krea Spring School?

“Adventure where everybody really bonded together.”

“Relaxed and open-minded atmosphere”


According to last year’s participants, Krea Spring School 2016 offered a good mixture of lectures and hands-on experience in addition to inviting everyone to explore Helsinki and the Finnish culture. The participants especially appreciated the creative style of learning and the inspiring atmosphere.

For most students, the absolute highlight of the week was the outdoor adventure day due to the eccentric and engaging activities. Students also enjoyed the workshops, creative processes, storytelling experience, visualization and a trip to a marketing agency. All in all, the week was a success!

If you missed it last year, don’t worry – Krea Spring School is here again in May!

Krea in a nutshell – Join us!

Krea is an inhouse advertising agency run by Haaga-Helia students majoring in advertising and corporate communications. At Krea, students plan and implement hands-on company projects as part of their courses. The services Krea offers to company clients include visual design, marketing and communication plans, social media campaigns, events, and customer surveys.

Join us for Krea Spring School – we would love to engage in inspirational storytelling with you.

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Krea on Haaga-Helian mainonnan ja yritysviestinnän opiskelijoiden luova toimisto. Tarjoamme erilaisia palveluita, kuten esimerkiksi media-, markkinointi-, ja viestintäsuunnitelmia, some-kampanjoita, tapahtumia ja tutkimuksia

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