5 Days in Helsinki with Krea Spring School

5 Days in Helsinki with Krea Spring School

Krea Spring School provides one of the most stimulating, educating and fun weeks of your life. And of course, there’s the beautiful Helsinki itself, which won’t disappoint you.

Day 1 – Iconic Helsinki Market Square

At the Helsinki Market Square you can try the most traditional Finnish delicacies like blueberries and fried vendance (a fish called “muikku” in Finnish). Enjoy the scenery, but also pay attention to the infamous Helsinki seagulls, competing for the dibs left on the plates – or whatever food you may have in your hand.

Day 2 – Suomenlinna Sea Fortress Islands

You can visit the UNESCO heritage site Suomenlinna sea fortress, the most famous attraction in Finland. It is easily accessible all year. It is a magical place where the walls keep whispering stories of war and history.

Day 3 – Ateneum Art Museum

The Ateneum Art Museum is the best-known art museum in Helsinki. The artworks there have long roots in the Finnish culture. The collections include works by such great Finnish painters as Akseli Gallen-Kallela and Eero Järnefelt.

Day 4 – Traditional Finnish Sauna

Try the public sauna at Allas Sea Pool, situated right next to Helsinki Market Square. Besides the saunas, there is a nice terrace where you can enjoy snacks and drinks. You can also swim in their sea water pools. The ticket costs only 8 euros for students. You can bring your own towel or rent one for another 8 euros.

Day 5 – Explore Helsinki Tori Quarters and the Esplanad Area

Helsinki Tori Quarters and the Esplanad area are filled with little shops, bars and restaurants. They are a beautiful combination of the old and the modern Helsinki. You can spend the whole day walking around. Drop by the interesting Café Koket or traditional Karl Fazer Café, where you can taste Finland’s most popular chocolate Fazer Blue. You can also explore some beautiful Finnish art shops, such as Iittala and Kalevala Jewelry.

Extra tip – Walk around Helsinki

We would recommend you to spend some of your time by just walking around and enjoying what this beautiful city has to offer. There are a lot of inspirational things around you: statues, flower beds, street musicians and so on. And take a look at the buildings! There are detailed masterpieces such as Uspenski Cathedral and Finlandia Hall. You can also take a walk in Kaivopuisto Park, where you can enjoy the sea and the beautiful Finnish nature at its best. In the evening, you can stop by the Torni Bar, where you can enjoy a magnificent view over Helsinki.

Are Finns Uncommunicative People?

Many people think that Finns are reticent, uncommunicative people. There may be some truth to this. Chit-chat, for example, is not as typical in Finland as it is in Spain or Italy. Finns do not talk in elevators. When waiting for a bus, they rather stand alone by themselves (even in the rain) than right next to someone.

However, there are many extrovert Finns: students and lecturers alike. Often Finns go the extra mile to make foreigners feel welcome. And even though we do not talk that much, we are really good listeners!

If you are visiting Krea Spring School this spring, here you can find some inspirational information on what went down in last year’s Krea Spring School Outdoor Adventure.

Looking forward to meeting you on May 14!

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