Marketing Competences for Mastering the Digital Playground

Marketing Competences for Mastering the Digital Playground

We live in a constantly digitalizing world, and the marketing industry needs people who understand digital marketing. What sort of skills are needed if you want to do digital marketing as your job? In our Krea Design course, we delved into Jussi Liimatainen’s book Digitrippi (2020) to find out.

Top 5 competences of an Internet marketer

To succeed in the digital marketing playground, one needs to be digitally competent and interested in data and analytics. Content creation is another key area of expertise. Content creation refers to creative expertise such as copywriting and visual storytelling. By producing high-quality content and presenting your work to employers when you apply for jobs, you can showcase just the kind of understanding and talent that is absolutely necessary in the current marketing world.

To succeed in digital marketing, one needs to be

  • digitally savvy
  • analytical
  • skilled at creating content
  • at home in the web environment
  • a patient and persistent learner

Motivation is key to learning digital marketing competences

Having strong digital competences and knowing your way around the Internet is important. However, the digital environment is constantly evolving with rapid technological developments. Therefore, it is crucial that you are willing to learn new things and to constantly improve your understanding of the digital environment.

Finding persistent motivation for continuous learning is extremely important if you want to keep improving your understanding of target audiences and marketing platforms. As a digital marketing professional, you need enthusiasm and a positive attitude towards continuous self-development.

Ask yourself a question: What do I want to learn next?


Read more: Liimatainen, J. 2020. Digitrippi: Näin johdat digimarkkinointia.

Katrina Krage, Miska Pylkkänen, Sofia Eskola, Maria Dejanova


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