3 Tips for Improving your Website Conversion

3 Tips for Improving your Website Conversion

Every business that has an online presence wants to address website visitors in such a way that they convert into clients. But it is possible that a business will not get meaningful results or any results at all. How to improve website conversion? In the Krea Design course, we read a book called Digitrippi (2020), where Jussi Liimatainen gives us guidance.

Define your digital marketing goals and target customers

First, the end goal should be defined. The company may be offering a service, promoting an event, selling a product, or aiming at behavior change with specific goals. The goals can be for example: getting other businesses as clients, getting more people to attend an event, or getting specific clients to use your service.

When the end goal and the offering are clear, you should define your target audience: both demographics and psychographics matter. Online platforms have a wide range of useful tools for reaching target audiences. These platforms and their tools offer very specific and highly detailed options regarding demographics, interests, browser preferences and so on.

One of the main principles of internet marketing is to always test and analyze the results properly in order to get the best possible outcome. That is why it is useful to take advantage of the valuable information and tools available in the digital environment.

Remember that content is king in web conversion

Your website is the place where you can convert a visitor into a sales lead. The most important thing about the website is to present interesting content in line with your campaign promise and relevant to your target customers.

If you promise a free tutorial in your email campaign, then your landing page must have it. Google likes high-quality content. Use landing pages to provide useful content for your customers, and do not forget search engine optimization.

Focus on user experience and calls-to-action

In addition to the attractiveness of the content, it is important to focus on user experience. Even the slightest delay in downloading or unclear navigation can result in your visitor leaving the page. To maximize conversion, it is important to take good care of the target audience and their customer experience.

Make sure to introduce calls-to-action that produce value and are understandable and easy to use. The purpose of a call-to-action is to tell someone what they should do and to give them motivation to carry out the desired activity.


Read more: Liimatainen, J. 2020. Digitrippi: Näin johdat digimarkkinointia.

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